18 January 2012

Seeing Red: A Sears Courier

Note: the case is from an Olivetti Lettera 33 which is not shown here. Also, the colour is washed out in the photos for some reason.

Olivetti Lettera 33 red leather case

Sears Courier (a red Olivetti Lettera 22)


  1. It is quite attractive and has a great typeface. Its 12 pitch clean printing typeface is enviable. I wish one could easily transfer typefaces from typewriter to typewriter. If I could stick that, at least some of the time, on my Smith-Coronas...

  2. Very nice typewriter. I haven't yet found a Lettera here in Switzerland. Pity.

  3. Interesting rust-colored body. I'm used to seeing the shinier and brighter red hues on typewriters; this one is different. Very nice.

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