06 January 2012

A Small and Often Ignored Segment of Typewriter History


  1. I have several Smith-Corona electrics and enjoy them: Electra 220 with power return; a Coronet, and a Electric 10, a Sears knock-off. They were very inexpensive in the thrift stores; nobody seemed to want them.

    I like switching back and forth between manuals and electrics, although I do prefer the manuals. Something about the insistent humming & buzzing of the electrics eventually gets on my nerves.

  2. I have an Smith-Corona Electra 110, an Electra 220, and an Executive Correct - all with the front strike type bars. I learned to type on an IBM Selectric, so I actually find the hum sort of comforting.

    I like the 110, because it is the manual carriage return still, on the electric typewriter. The carriage return on the Electra 220 actually startled me the first time I used it - it hits hard enough that the typewriter was sliding around on my desk.

    They are great fun to use and hard to pass up for the cost - although the last thrift store I was in wanted more for the SCM Electric than the manual Classic 12.

    They find a place in rotation - mostly if I am tired and know my typing would be inconsistent on the manuals.