14 February 2012

Be quiet! I'm sleeping! Well, a dull roar is ok...

This is one of my first eBay wins...I was naive, wasn't I? Now, I don't even want people I trust to send me such large heavy machines due to fear of damage in transit. But here it is, with its original ribbon (still has some good life in it, but I will get a new one soon).

The Noiseless mechanism as developed by Remington is most ingenious. Each typebar contains four possible characters. Here is a video of how it works. For most typebars, two keys work them, but they work at different angles. Of course, this complicated large mechanism requires a carriage shift.

Remington Noiseless 6

Remington Noiseless 6, keys

Remington Noiseless 6, carriage


  1. Excellent video, thanks for the link.

    A Remington noiseless portable was my first typewriter, but that's a very different system. I also have an original Noiseless Co. office machine and portable, but never have gotten a Remington Noiseless office typewriter. One day!

  2. That's interesting. I love watching that mechanism. My noiseless is only noisy because when a few keys bounce back they hit the underside of the front. I have a bid on a 30's noiseless on shopgoodwill that is festooned with speed key cushions. It's local pickup.