12 February 2012

The Corona 3, Part 2

You can tell I'm excited. I am writing a post with the same typewriter about the same typewriter.

As the typed post says, the ribbon works fine now. What the issue was was my fault and I won't say more than that.

There is one thing I will say...if you see and note something, realise why it is so, and have the manual, please do it that way. Do not make my mistake and forsake all rational thinking (as I said, I was excited). I knew both spools would rotate to take up the ribbon (to "reverse" the ribbon, you just loosen the nut and tighten the other; it relies on the tight nut to rotate the spool) and I specifically saw how the original ribbon was put on, so why did I...

Never mind, we will never discuss this again.

The Corona 3 is great. Everyone should have one. Again, not mine, get your own.

Here are some photos:

Corona 3, folding

Corona 3, keyboard

The work day before it was delivered, a bunch of people were discussing bring drinks to work (the sort of drinks we are not allowed to bring, and the sort of drinks I don't drink at all) and they were talking about what to bring (in jest). I brought this to work in its case and stated I brought a case of Corona. In addition to not drinking, I am known for not lying, so it was a fun thing to show off, but that is the last time I bring old typewriters to work...too much anxiety I had. Pictures only as usual.


  1. Glad you got the ribbon working. That is one nice typewriter.

  2. The Corona ribbon system is idiosyncratic, so chance that you were idiotic are low.

    Thanks for the more readable color scheme on this blog!

  3. Well, before I even received it, I was reading the manual and realised how it worked (ie, both spools would try to take up the ribbon), so the spools would have to have the ribbon going the same way for this take up. If one winds them like a regular typewriter, the spool trying to take up the slack would start spitting out it before it could go the other way. I was just in a hurry and not thinking, and once I got it set up, I did not want to touch it given the mess I had on my hands (ink).

    It was actually easy to fix. I didn't even have to remove the ribbon from the typewriter or spool (although I lifted the spool out for a bit).

    I am glad the new theme is liked. The original was good only for reading posts of scans, but it was bad for reading text and other links. It was the original theme because then I was only posting scans.