08 February 2012

I Am Excited

I am excited.

The reasons why I want to show you, but I cannot now, hence, that part of the excitement.

There are two reasons, which I hope to show here eventually (at least within a week, and again later, but I do not know how long the second reason will take to come to fruition).

I will give you a hint: it has to do with typewriters. Ok, it has to do with one typewriter I have had for a while, but couldn't use. I found a repair person nearby to fix it and I will be sending it to him soon (and I do not know how long it will take). And another typewriter I just bought (but haven't received yet, yes, it is from Ebay, but it wasn't an auction. I didn't even make an offer. I just flat out bought it then). However, forsaking all elements of "how to get a good deal" was not done. If it is not in the condition described and if it does not arrive safely, I will exercise my part of the business transaction to resolve it. But, expecting the worst will hopefully result in a pleasant surprise.

They are both from before the Great Depression and important representatives of the development of the portable typewriter.

I will probably make another post before the one arrives. So...

Coming next season on Typed on Paper...will the underground key harvesting black market claim another typewriter expected to be repaired? Will the Item from Ebay arrive in pieces? Is this blog actually key to the Matrix? Find out next season, on Typed on Paper!

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