05 February 2012

Olivetti-Underwood Lettera 33

Typed on a Lettera 33

That Olivetti-Underwood Lettera 33 is difficult to photograph. Its case however was seen here before on the post by the Sears Courier. It is redder than that photo shows. Lighting is not good for photos here. I had to move the Lettera 33 around to get a photo which had some detail. It is a very attractive machine in person and a pretty good typewriter too. The tabulators of the Lettera 22 and 32 (33) are very interesting. They are easy to miss. It is set by moving a lever and cleared by that same lever. The tab key is red and very prominent. I never actually use tabulators except occasionally as a paragraph indent key.

This is also the typewriter for which I paid the most. It is in great condition and has a great case and required minimal work. It is probably going to be my Olivetti representative. The Sears Courier is being sold for being unused. This one is too attractive and functional to get rid of merely because I do not use it that often. And I have hopes of writing a successful script (not really, if I were to do much writing, I'd use my Smith-Coronas).

Olivetti-Underwood Lettera 33

By the way, this is Ted Kaczynski's typewriter. It was sold in auction. I want a Flattop model for my Smith-Corona collection. It is the design before the Speedline design (the design of my Corona Silent) If anybody has a flattop model in working condition, I'd be interested in buying it or trading for it. I have a few typewriters available for sale or trade. I am also interested in a Corona four bank and a Corona folding.


  1. Nice typewriter. I've had one of these on my list for quite some time, but first some other kinds.

    One of the ebay sellers points I like is no matter what the typewriter "Rare" as if it is one of only a hand full ever made.

    Another favorite. "some of the keys do not come up, should be an easy fix." If it were easy I always ask myself how does the seller know and why did they not fix it so they would get a better price!

  2. I found one of these recently (and showed it on my blog). Good typewriter with an interesting design. I like the shape of the keys, which was unique in my experience. Now it's on its way to a friend who plans to use it for a typecast.

  3. I find the keys to be attractive, but the entire keyboard is ergonomically suboptimal.

    One of the reasons why I bought this one was for its case. I see 33s listed, but few have the red leather case.

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  5. Heia.
    I wondered if you know anything about olivetti letter DL in red leather case? What are the price ranges and how they are overall?

    Kind regards,

    1. Greetings. The prices of typewriters vary according to demand and condition. It is impossible to say how much it could sell for, but I'd say that if it works well, you could get at least $40 for it, probably more given the right buyer.

      They work well, but I prefer to type with Smith-Coronas.