05 February 2012

The Sears Correction typewriter

Here is a photo of the Sears Correction typewriter used to write this post on correcting errors. It doesn't actually have a name on it anywhere. It is just the manual typewriter Sears sold with a correction ribbon in it. It is a Japanese made typewriter with a snap on case. It is not that remarkable. I bought it for $6 on Ebay. I used it to write a post because I am offering it for sale or trade because I do not really plan on using it and somebody out there wanting a cheap manual typewriter could probably use it. Plus, it has a correction ribbon so one can correct errors without using any other tools. This is a spur of the moment post I am making as I prepare for writing a more informative one (not on a typewriter, although it will have an introductory typecast) for later.

Sears Correction typewriter

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