05 March 2012

Elite Skyriter

This is the continuing story of the broken Skyriter.

The scan, shadowy for some reason, tells it all. The broken one has an Elite typeface and my other one has a Pica typeface. This is good news. First, it differentiates them while maintaining the "Skyriter" label. Secondly, I actually did want an Elite Skyriter as I felt my original Skyriter would be too large for a portable form filler outer and writing tool. A large typeface means one needs more space and the Skyriter is compact and best designed for compact work. One cannot return the carriage quickly and if one is writing on a small machine, one probably doesn't want to be swapping paper much.

Skyriters also have snap on cases which are compatible with those of the Corona Zephyr. These two have metal snap on cases (in contrast to the less useful zipper cases) as well.

I'm an elitist now. The Smith-Corona Corsair Deluxe I have coming is perhaps redundant, but interestingly, it will match my Smith-Corona Zephyr Deluxe physically but also have a different typeface.

Now, I need another Super 5 with a different typeface to make my collection more redundant!


  1. Thick felt from the hardware store. It is the kind used to insulate windows for winter. I had some I used on an old typewriter and it worked great. Trim to fit with a razor knife. Then there is round vinyl (used for insulation and for round belts) and other materials that may work as good or better.

    Nice post. Your reviews on the Skyriters have convinced me to look for one.

  2. I just received a 1954 Skyriter yesterday. I took a chance on one that was listed as having problems the worst of all a few non-working keys. I made a few quick tweaks after I unpacked it and everything works fine. I am pleasantly surprised at the action of the keys. It is one of the finest touches I have found.

    I did look at the type bar rest and it looks like the Frost King (I could not remember the name in my first comment) felt will fit without any trimming.

    Thank you for your post on the Skyriter. It helped me make my decision for which small typewriter to buy for taking on trips, and I could not believe how inexpensive these are.

  3. The Skyriter has simply made, so I have found most problems rather easy to address. The touch is one of the best. The mechanism of the design is very interesting too (should one desire to study that and compare it to others).

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will check out some of the High Density Foam Tape they have. It looks like it will be good.

    I just won (yesterday) a Skyriter. It is not just any...it matches my Smith-Corona Silent. It has two tone green keys (the first and earliest design), and the stripes (Skyriters have two on each side)! Two others bid, however, they bid their minimums only. I wonder why? The first person bid the minimum, the second bid the minimum, and when I bid, I found this out. I bid my maximum, but I did not pay any more than three minimum bids ($22.50 I think). What sort of person thinks "I want this, but not for more than $1.50 more than what it is currently going for!"?