25 March 2012

Typewriter Expectations, Correction Film, and Fixing the Skyriter

The Wite-Out pen is good, and the Correction Films are more clean and portable, so it is a good combination. My Skyriters and perhaps some other machines do not have a "stencil" setting so one cannot use the correction paper with them (the vibrator pushed it out of the way and it doesn't seem like a good idea anyway).

As written, I have put the Rubber Foam Weatherseal (with self stick tape) from Frost King I got on Amazon.com. I got this one: Frost King R534H Sponge Rubber Foam Tape 5/16-Inch, Black. It is pretty thick, but it fits well. Perhaps I should have gotten the 3/16-Inch version. It is self sticking. Since it is designed for sealing a door or window, it is 10ft long, so I have plenty left over. I should contact Frost King and let them know I like their product, but it is too long and they should have them available in typewriter specific sizes. They have a felt "nail on" strip too which may be more authentic, but one would have to glue that, and I cannot be sure, the rubber foam is perhaps superior. It is very, very quiet. This "broken Skyriter" was certainly a good deal for me. I hope the one I have coming is equally good and useful in the end.

Also, as noted, I hope my Smith-Corona Sterling gets to be in working condition too. I want to type in 6 pitch. Also, I hope the Smith-Corona Galaxie II arrives safely. It is smaller than the Galaxie Twelves and it has a coloured platen and it can use the Changeable Type kits I have.

The post was written on my Smith-Corona Silent.


  1. Good application for the foam. I like the good old white Korrect-O-Type or the equal when I make typos. I recently got a Skyriter and I am pleasantly pleased with the touch and the way it types. I bought it so I have a small portable to take on trips.

    One day I hope to get one of the early ones with the stripes.

    I also have the interchangeable type for the Classic-12 on my wishlist (going on about 10 years now). I have yet to find any on Craigslist or Ebay.

    1. I got Ko-Rec-Type.

      I had two other Skyriters with the pale keys and one with the latest long carriage return handle. I have been working back to a matching one.

  2. Your typewritten posts are always clean and beautiful.

    My only wish is that the JPEG images of the typewritten pages were bigger. They are difficult to read on your posts, and when I click on the image, many times they do not magnify.

    1. Thank you.

      Clicking on the images should open a larger version, however, this will be relative to the size of the window you have open. If you have a small screen or a small browser window, it won't make much of a difference. You can open them to full size by right clicking and opening the link in a new tab or new window.