17 March 2012

The Typewriter Preference Poll Results

The results for preferred typewriter brand poll:

Olympia 7 (25%)
Smith-Corona or Corona 5 (17%)
Hermes 4 (14%)
Royal 3 (10%)
Adler 3 (10%)
Olivetti 2 (7%)
Other 2 (7%)
Remington 1 (3%)
Underwood 1 (3%)
Oliver 0 (0%)

Not many voted, but Smith-Corona and Olympia are top (no surprise there) and a healthy range of preferences even in a very small selection of typewriter users. Poor Oliver though...I want one of those someday although I do not think they would replace Smith-Corona for me due the limited range of design and of course any inferior aspects.

I wonder what "Other" was? Brother perhaps? Or maybe it was a typewriter brand with a more restricted range of development. There is always something else, another experience, left to have. No wonder we tend towards collecting...


  1. If Marty Rice (author of "Tlog") had voted I'm sure Oliver would not be at zero! I voted Remington in honor of my first typewriter and sentimental favorite, a RNP7.

  2. I was one of the other, Facti TP1. I like my Hermes and Adler J4, but since I have the Facit I find myself picking that one over the others even my Smith-Coronas.

    Now, had I voted as Richard I would have picked Underwood.

  3. I missed this poll! I would have voted Olivetti Studio 44.