06 April 2012

Adler Favorit: Die Super Schreibmaschine

I will write more in days to come, but this typewriter cries out to be shown off. Just look at it!

Wellington P. Kidder, an inventor and pretty smart guy apparently, worked on several designs. At the end of the 19th century, he developed a thrust mechanism for a typewriter among other designs probably. This design eventually come into the hands of Adlerwerke in Germany. After this design, Kidder worked on what would be the foundation of the Noiseless machines. I have a Noiseless, a Remington Noiseless 6. Despite the similar idea of thrust typing, these are two totally different types of action. The Favorit is not intended to be quiet although it isn't very loud and it feels similar to a regular typewriter.

A few notes:

  • The thrust mechanism makes it a flat typewriter, so even though it has a full sized keyboard, it is much flatter without sacrificing typing action.

  • The shift drops the carriage straight down. It seems to go down too far, but that the typeslugs go straight forward and the caps are on the bottom of the type slug.

  • The ribbon vibrator doesn't exist as normal. Rather than raising a ribbon, two widely spaced holders bring the ribbon closer to the platen. This allows one to see what one is typing even though the ribbon has to be directly between forward moving typeslugs and the platen.

  • It uses tension to automatically reverse the ribbon.

  • There seems to be no mainspring. Rather than a regular cord and mainspring, it is this very long spring loop which works in a way I do not quite understand yet (I will look at it closely later).

  • It is from Germany and has a German keyboard. This makes typing errors more common as one touch types. "z" and "y" are the most obvious issues, but the symbols and extra characters and missing signs can cause issues too.

Here are the pictures:

Adler Favorit

Adler Favorit: The Eagle

Adler Favorit: Front Printing and Keyboard

Adler Favorit: Adler Logo

Adler Favorit: Type Slugs


  1. Very beautiful. Looks like it is brand new!

  2. That is very very cool. Beautiful machine!

  3. What a stunning machine, never seen this model before. I'm curious where you found it, will look forward to your next post.

    1. I found it on eBay.

      The seller stated he bought it from Germany (waiting for a typewriter being shipped from Germany would have killed me).

      It is the early model. They replaced the keys and then released a the Favorit 2, which had an improved carriage (I hear). The carriage controls on this are oddly rudimentary.

      I have some typewriters coming which I hope to post about soon.

  4. How lucky you are, I frequent ebay and never caught sight of anything like this model.

    1. I was doing searches just to look at pictures (I'm sure I'm not the only one) of foreign machines. I started with looking for Soviet made machines, but there weren't much, then I looked for German typewriters.

      The listing had "German" in the title, so this showed up and there were excellent photographs. I didn't think I'd win it though...even though I had my PayPal balance increase near the end so I could raise my maximum bid. I thought for sure someone would bid what I thought it was worth which was much more than what I had bid (and could afford).

      I would have been happy to just look at the pictures, but now I own it. Who would have thought?