28 April 2012

The Standard Folding Typewriter

As typewriters go back in history, they are increasingly hard to get in good condition. Even if a typewriter is properly stored, the rubber can degrade over time and usually does. But, I found this typewriter, which was not restored, and which is in stellar condition, and it is 100 year old, my oldest typewriter now.

My other Corona 3 which is the subject of two posts, is a few years older than this one and has some differences.

The Corona 3 was the first portable typewriter design. It was not just small enough to be portable, but it was designed to be a typewriter one could carry around. It folds up, comes with a case, and had some other accessories for this purpose. Actually, the first wasn't the "Corona 3". The Corona 3 is the third release of the design. The first design was the "Standard Folding", which had two major iterations, until finally the "Standard Typewriter Company" changed the name of the typewriter to the "Corona 3", and then changed the name of the company to the "Corona Typewriter Company" which later merged with L. C. Smith to form "Smith-Corona". I think the very first name of the company was named after the inventor, Frank Rose.

The Corona 3 was very long lived and was updated and so there are many variations. This particular one is from 1912, and is still bears the "Standard Typewriter Company" decal and even has "Standard Folding Typewriter" under the "Corona" decal.

But even more interesting is that it does not have a segment. All the typebars are individually hung.

The typewriter is nearly perfect. It has a better feel than my other one, which I had stated had a good touch. Typing on it however can be trying because of the small keyboard, the three bank design, and the floating right pinky. Touch typists such as myself have a hard time using this keyboard because our hands go by touch, ie, our hands shift over if we are not actively paying attention. For some reason, one has to shift to type a period. I had to alter my post to use commas while resembling anything like proper English.

The Corona 3, the Standard Folding Typewriter and case:

Corona 3, Standard Folding Typewriter in case

Standard Typewriter Company:

Standard Typewriter Company decal

Standard Folding Typewriter:

Standard Folding Typewriter decal

Look Ma! No segment...

Standard Folding Typewriter typebars, Corona 3 with no segment

The typeslugs could use some cleaning, however, the shadowy effect on the scan is caused by the paper not being perfectly flat. The edges of a small stack of papers had gotten wet, causing it to wrinkle a bit and I'm using up those papers for posts.

Now I have two Corona 3s...perhaps I will sell or trade my other one. Everyone should have one, but two may be overkill. If anybody wants to make an offer for my other Corona 3, let me know.


  1. This is very nice! I have to get mine out tomorrow and type on it. I adapted quite well to the Corona 3 keyboard but have trouble with the Oliver. I have no idea why.

  2. Very nice typewriter and informative post. The /Corona 3 is one of several different typewriters on my wish list.