13 April 2012

Smith-Corona Silent-Super and Cursive Type

I sold my Olympia SM-7 (cursive type), and shortly after while browsing, I found a cheap Smith-Corona Silent-Super with script. I sold the Olympia because I did not like typing on it and did not use it. As one may suspect, I prefer Smith-Coronas, so at the price I found this Silent-Super in a standard typeface, I would have went for it anyway.

Smith-Corona Silent-Super

It arrived damaged due to improper packing (undersized "box" (essentially wrapped in remains of what was once one or two boxes)). The later Smith-Corona cases dent on impact, and this can displace or impact the typewriter within. I had to take the body off to put it back into shape, and fortunately the frame of the typewriter itself was not damaged. The case was preventing the spacebar from being pressed.

The keys were sticking too. I fixed that as well (that was a problem it was advertised as having).

I put in a fresh black/purple ribbon and it works pretty well. I am lending it to a friend tonight.


  1. how'd you unstick the keys?
    nice looking - much like mine but mine isn't script. Not that I lack script typers.

    1. Usually, I use a paintbrush and some 91% isopropyl alcohol. That usually works for minor cleaning. However, for some of the keys (a quarter of the segment from the right), they were really stuck, and pushing stuff around with a paintbrush wasn't efficient, so I brought out the PB Blaster. A quick squirt of that, a few pressing of the keys to make sure it is spreading (it will spread on its own, but a little help can't hurt), and then mopping up the excess with a cotton cloth and some Q-Tips, fixed it for good.

      That stuff works like magic. However, it stinks, and will linger for a little while. It will evaporate though after doing its job. With it, one doesn't need to actually clean anything to get a typewriter working smoothly most of the time, although obviously one should clean up any dirt and such which are freed.

      The Silent-Super was the Smith-Corona design which was the basis for many others. The 5TE, Galaxies, etc are all Silent-Supers under a variety of names.

  2. I really like the almost back-handed slant of this script typeface. What a great combination: one of the very best portable typewriters around, in an interesting, unique typeface!

  3. This is a very late reply as I apparently missed this post when it first appeared. I am seriously envious of this machine and the great cursive typeface. It is unique. Nice catch!