27 October 2012

The Weather for Typewriters


Hurricane Sandy has come and whatever remains of it traveling over land and probably going to cause more problems for people in the form of snow and some wind.

I have gotten power back and besides some siding ripped off the side of the house, I am back to normal, however, not everyone is so fortunate. Remember to pray for those people who have to deal with more extensive damage, flooding, physical harm, and lengthy power outages.

Every collector has their beginnings, and mine was last October 2011. I owned a manual typewriter and I used it for writing occasionally, but I never thought much about it or the history of typewriters. Then came the 2011 Halloween nor-easter, which is described as a "large low pressure area", but for those who were there, it was "massive heavy snowfall in late October while most of the leaves were on the trees, thus tearing them down and destroying anything in their path". It left most of us in the dark for between two hours and two weeks, depending on where one was, sometimes, down to the side of the street, due to the widespread damage. During that time, I was without power for a while, and I then appreciated my typewriter more as it was the only thing which worked for typing, the only way I can write. After that, the rest is documented partially on this blog.

Now, as you may now, another storm is coming. This one has a catchy name of Hurricane Sandy, and it is coming this way. That article is being written as news develops and I hope that in a few days, it does not report too much mayhem. And the other news is that another nor-easter is coming too from the other direction. Our governor has declared a state of emergency in preparation. Due to the prolonged nature of this storm when it hits, possibly with gale force winds, any damage will be difficult to fix until after it has passed, which means if power goes out, it will be a while most likely.

Pray for the safety of all in the path of this storm. This post will be updated after it has passed me with a note at the top assuming I can access the Internet, etc.


  1. I hope the brunt of the storm stays at sea. Tropical storms are as bad or worse than hurricanes. Much of it has passed here. Still nice and breezy and quite nice temperature-wise.

    I have fond memories of many storms, especially the winter storms of Virginia when I lived in the country. Plenty of time to relax and write.

    The ones I did not like were the ones when I lived in a city. Even though I had a generator and heat at both places.

    Heavy snow or ice on trees that still have leaves is not fun in any location.

  2. Good luck and stay safe in the storm. We'll be waiting for updates.

    1. It is arriving...very slowly.

      From the looks of things, we are going to have heavy rains and high winds for a while starting tonight. The wind and rain is here to some degree, but nothing special yet.