26 November 2012

Olympia SM3

I am trying to reduce the number of unused typewriters I have, and I have recently arranged to send a typewriter I have not shown on this blog. So, before sending it, I should write a bit about it.

I am, of course, a Smith-Corona fan. However, Olympia typewriters (of which I have had several), are very well made and robust typewriters. I think the touch is inferior to Smith-Corona models of the same type, but not much inferior.

I obtained this SM3 primarily so I could compare it to my preferred design (the Smith-Corona Super 5 series). Over all, it is a very good design, easy for typing, but I still prefer Smith-Corona typing. The key action in particular is better on Smith-Corona when typing quickly. It is better than the Olympia SM7 though.

Well, before it goes, here it is:

Olympia SM3

Olympia SM3

Please note, I have another Olympia Traveller Deluxe which I bought as a possible gift, but it has an issue with some screws (a screw holding the margin rack was missing, so I replaced that, and a screw holding a rubber foot broke (of all things) and that needs to be replaced (or tolerated...I have the screw piece and the foot for a future repair). It is very clean and in great condition. Contact me if you want that.

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