18 December 2012

Christmas Typewriters

Christmas is going to be here soon, and that means many things to different people. To me, it is a religious holiday and I do not particularly observe any secular festivities except those which happen to occur around me. For others, it is a time to stress out and get into debt. I think my way is better. However, for many children, it means getting gifts, and it is a time to ask for something in hopes of getting it. A surprising number of children ask for typewriters. I know...parents and grandparents with such requests are stuck with "How do I get one of those?" and they Google...and sometimes they find me. They found me this year. I sold four typewriters for Christmas presents already, and have a query in my inbox and I am awaiting a response.

I will call your attention to this finer blog which also addresses Christmas presents and typewriters. A lucky person is getting a purple Skyriter and another girl is getting a Smith-Corona typewriter too. For me, many of the requests I get are for inexpensive typewriters suitable for children. I think they find my blog because of this post about a toy typewriters for children. To reiterate, those are functional, but not worth using. Ever. By anyone. They are cheap and not for typing. If anyone wants that one, I will send it, but please do not give it to anyone for typing!

For me, the typewriter I recommend is the ultraportable and compact Smith-Corona Skyriter, of which I have many. At least, I had many. If all goes well, I will not have an excess.

The queries have led to me to look at the ones I have and make some repairs. I replaced the felt under one which was detached with Frost King Sponge Rubber Foam Tape, which works better than felt ever did. And I cleaned up a platen. Skyriter platens are very good, but often, I find them dirty. Some fine steel wool cleared that up quickly. Now it looks and acts like new.

For all out there, Merry Christmas. Even though I do not give gifts, I hope all the young people are happy with what they receive, especially those who asked for typewriters.


  1. Funny you should mention toy typewriters. I had one given to me as a child since I was not to use the real one we had. That one gift almost turned me away from ever wanting to type. In my opinion giving a child a toy typewriter is a sure way to turn them from typing. I really like your suggestion: give them a Skyriter. Fine basic machines and a pleasure to use and a great one for learning to type.

    Thanks for the tip on steel wool. I have used Scotch-Brite, but I never thought of steel wool.

    1. For the steel wool, I use a very fine grade (#0000). This is not what one uses on dishes.